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Agrawal Renewable Energy Private Limited (AREPL)

About Agrawal Renewable Energy Private Limited

Agrawal Renewable Energy Private Limited (AREPL) has been formed in 2011, for taking up the Green Energy Projects initiative as a key area of growth and focus. In the extension of the group’s interest to invest in Renewable Energy Projects, Agrawal Renewable Energy Private Limited (AREPL) plans to start grid connected and off-grid solar power projects in the states of Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat. AREPL aims to bring solar energy systems and solutions, to all rural & urban areas and bring about a revolution in the quality of life.

Project Details

As a responsible corporate citizen, Agrawal group has a keen interest in renewable energy projects and are seriously focused an taking up the environment-friendly projects and product manufacturing facilities. Agrawal group was looking for the best in the Carbon Industry who can manage the assets at the broad level. 


1. Successfully getting the project registered with different internationally recognized mechanisms for emission reductions like VCS, Gold Standard etc.
2. All the projects registered are regularly audited and validated by third party organizations to ensure additionality and environmental integrity of the projects.
3. Achieving the best prices and terms for sales of carbon credits generated. 

Our attainments

Firstly, we took the responsibility of developing Project Design Document, containing information about the project's anticipated emission reductions, social and environmental benefits and demonstration that the project's activities exceeds "business-as-usual" reductions and avoid emission leakages.
We got all the project's in the portfolio regsitered with all possible thrird party certification and standards like VCS (Verified Carbon Emission), Gold standard.
We also offered credit trading service for the credits generated from the project, by conducting extensive market research and marketing to identify credit buyers thus helping the company begin its carbon credit sales.

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