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Bank of Baroda - Ahmedabad

About Bank of Baroda

Bank of Baroda is an Indian state-owned International banking and financial services company headquartered in Vadodara (earlier known as Baroda) in Gujarat, India. It is the second largest bank in India, next to State Bank Of India. Its headquarters is in Vadodara, it has a corporate office in the Mumbai and multiple regional offices across India. Bank traces its inception even before independence of India since 1908 and rendering its smooth services to more 131 million satisfied customers across 21 countries. 

Project Details

The project activity involves physical inspection of the office premises with reference to applicable Indian standards,  

  1. Indian Electricity Rules 
  2. National Building Code (Electrical Installations)
  3. National Electrical Code & 
  4. Other relevant codes of practice & identifying electric hazards,

And based on inspection, reports are generated mentioning the safety level of the office premises with respect to electrical hazards and even recommend areas of scope of improvement. And this activity is mandatory for every organisation to be performed as per the government norms in order to ensure public safety. 


As a responsible nationalized bank, Bank of Baroda - Ahmedabad branch is keen about conducting such safety audits as per Government Regulations to ensure safety of its people and public.

Our attainments

We conducted all the necessary physical inspection inside the premises of Bank of Baroda - Ahmedabad branch and Submitted comprehensive reports with suggestions, observations and recommendations to the bank indicating the current situation of various electrical appliances which are in use at bank in order to ensure proper safety.

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