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Gas Authority Of India Corporation

About Gas Authority Of India Corporation

Greenko is one of India’s leading Renewable Energy companies, replacing fossil fuels with integrated decarbonized energy and grid assets enabling sustainable and affordable energy, with a net installed capacity of 4.7 GWdc across 15 States in India. The company has over 500MW of assets under construction which are scheduled to commission next year achieving a 5GW platform scale.

The group is committed towards transforming renewable energy from real-time energy to a dispatchable and controlled medium through digitization and storage solutions to support the economy-wide shift towards a carbon-neutral electricity mix in the Country. The company has already initiated Integrated Renewable Energy Storage Projects in the states of AP and Karnataka. Headquartered in Hyderabad, India, Greenko is leading the digitization, decarbonization and decentralization of the Indian energy market by providing utility-scale, clean and affordable energy to meet the country’s long-term energy security needs.

With a core belief in sustainability both operationally and environmentally, Greenko maintains a continuous involvement in localised projects and community programmes which centre on Education, Health and Well-being, Environmental Stewardship and Rural Infrastructure.

Project Details

The project activity involves the installation of Solar PV project. The total installed capacity of the project is more than 1000 MW of Solar PV plant. The Project activity is a new facility (Greenfield) and the electricity generated by the project will be supplied to various locations across India. The project will therefore displace an equivalent amount of electricity which would have otherwise been generated by fossil fuel dominant electricity grid. And this is how main aim to move towards sustainable growth for the nation will be ensured by Greenko by means of this project.


As a responsible corporate citizen, Greenko group has a keen interest in renewable energy and environment-friendly projects. Greenko group was looking for the best in the Carbon Industry who can manage the assets at the broad level. 

Our attainments

We are taking care of complete process of registration, validation and verification of the project under VCS. Even we are providing services for trading the credits generated from project on a regular basis.

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