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Indore Management Association

About Indore Management Association

Indore Management Association (IMA), an association of entrepreneurs and professional managers was formed in 1963. The association was registered in July 1990 under the provision of M.P. Non - Trading Corporation Act. 1962. IMA is affiliated to All India Management Association (AIMA) as one of its constituent bodies. It has direct and indirect membership of over 3500 members including corporate, entrepreneurs, professionals, businessmen, academicians and students.

Event Details

The project activity involves the installation of Solar PV project. The total installed capacity of the project is more than 1000 MW of Solar PV plant. The Project activity is a new facility (Greenfield) and the electricity generated by the project will be supplied to various locations across India. The project will therefore displace an equivalent amount of electricity which would have otherwise been generated by fossil fuel dominant electricity grid. And this is how main aim to move towards sustainable growth for the nation will be ensured by Greenko by means of this project.


Indore Management Association UNFCCC- Real Betis Event World Bank I4C 2019- Singapore Carbon Pulse-Carbon Forward 2018 London Gold Standard- Grow to Zero 2018 Berlin Similar to Carbon Foot printing services we have ACA Airports Authority of India- Kolkata , Bhubaneswar, Varanasi, Thiruvananthapuram

Our attainments

EnKing International covered entire event and measured it's carbon footprint. It also suggested ways and means to manage the calculated carbon footprint of the event for Indore Management Association.

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