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Solar Thermal Power Project by Godawari Green Energy Limited

About Godawari Green Energy Limited

Godawari Green Energy Limited (GGEL) is a flagship company of the HIRA group in the renewable energy sector. The company was incorporated as a 100% subsidiary of the Godawari Power & Ispat Ltd in the year 2009.


The company was formed with an objective to tackle the growing energy requirement of the country in an ecologically sustainable manner. GGEL’s focus area is power generation using renewable sources such as solar energy, geothermal energy, wind energy etc.

The Integrated Energy Policy Report, 2006, estimates that India will need to increase their electricity generation by five to six times to meet the per capita consumption needs of its citizens. Renewable energy will play an important role in filling the gap while addressing the environmental concerns as well. GGEL has taken the first step in this direction by taking up a project to construct and operate a 50 MW Solar Thermal Power Project, in Jaisalmer District, Rajasthan, India. The solar thermal power plant will be based on the parabolic trough technology which is the most prevalent & proven technology being used globally for such plants.

Accordingly, this project activity is expected to supply 118,866 MWh net electricity to the grid per year and abates 1,131,600 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide emissions. The project is labeled as Gold Standard Credits.

Our attainments

The project was unable to identify the GS buyers. EnKing International stepped forward for the trading of the credits, did extensive marketing and helped the company to begin the sales credit.

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