Suman Sarwari Hydro Electric Project

About Suman Sarwari Group

The Suman Sarwari Hydro Electric Project is a grid-connected renewable energy project. It employs 2 Units of 2.5 MW each on Sarwari Khad in the state of Himachal Pradesh. It is a run of river scheme using 2 Francis Turbines of rated output of 2630 kW each.


The project mainly aims to generate electricity by using potential energy of water which is a renewable source of energy. Prior to implementation of the project activity, it was barren land. The project activity is a renewable energy power project which uses potential energy for power generation.

Our attainments

The Project was verified and was waiting for buyers since 2014. Enking International not only planned the extensive marketing but also elevated the buyers and assures the delivery commitments.

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