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Renewable Energy Attributes

A shift from use of conventional energy sources to Renewable Energy sources for generation of energy is a new vogue as well as need of the hour. Use of renewable energy sources for energy generation gives a massive thrust towards attainment of sustainability goals and dissipate effects of 'Climate Change and Global Warming'.


Over a period, many countries have brought in regulations to make industries compliant with their renewable energy generation and consumption targets. In some areas, the economics and other market factors might not support investment in a RE project or signing an RE PPA (Power Purchase Agreement). On contrary in other areas the policies are in favor of such investments and might result in surplus RE power generation. This arbitrary opportunity supports a market creation for trading of the green/renewable attribute of the electricity.

Here are the basic issues which many organisations face in this offsetting process and how EnKing International provide a solution to it with our IREC Advisory Services!

Business Challenge

1. Awareness on existence of such market mechanism

2. Knowledge on process of different certification standards

3. Keeping themselves updated with the recent changes to the regulations

4. Finding a market for buying or selling the certificates (I-RECs)

Our Solution

  • End to end management of the Renewable Energy Certificates from eligible RE projects.


Yash Lakhotiya 

Manager - Sales - Climate Change 


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