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Barun Sharma - DGM - Operations - Climate Change

Mr. Barun Kumar is an integral part of Enking International team and has significantly contributed to the success of the company. He has a deep understanding of the present and the future trends of the industry, being a broadminded Deputy General Manager, he showcases a commendable work ethic. His exceptional work flow, skills like understanding and adaptability to change, creativity, flexibility has made every project he was part of a success. Barun Kumar’s enthusiasm and zeal towards his work is totally infectious and has always inspired and motivated his colleagues to work harder. He possess a team player attitude, having aptitude for both self-motivation and motivating others thus is a highly reliable and forward thinking individual in his position. His goal and growth oriented mindset cannot be overestimated. He is an Environmental Science professional, having almost 10 Yrs (5 years in Audit, 4 yrs in SHE- Metro field, 1 yrs in Consultancy) of working experience in Environment Health and safety in Metro Project (Elevated and Underground), GHG Audit and in forestry sector i.e. VRIKSH-Timber Legality Assessment & Verification Scheme, FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects, Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) projects, Gold Standard (GS) projects, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) projects and Waste Management projects. Throughout his academia, he has explored many sub-disciplines under environment science and attended multitude of training's and internships in the areas of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Solid Waste Management, E-Waste and Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). Through these training's and internships he has developed a comprehensive understanding of both laboratory and field work. This has gained him valuable experience of working with dynamic teams of people from diverse academic and cultural background making him extremely adaptable and a great communicator which helped him to network and foster meaningful relationships.