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Khushboo Khatri - Manager - Sales - Tender

Ms. Khushboo Khatri has always amazed everyone with her industry insight and original techniques to solving problems. She is a problem solver and embraces solutions instead of problems. Her unwavering dedication towards her work is truly commendable. She is not only a reliable and forward thinking manager but also an inspiring team player. Her unfaltering ability to think clearly has always been beneficial making her a valuable asset to the organisation. Her goal and growth oriented mind-set cannot be overestimated. She is a trustworthy person with high integrity. She is strategic minded and is always keen to find solution to take the organisation to new heights. Throughout her journey with Enking international she has shown positive attitude and desire for both self and organisational development. She has vision to see the benefits and the passion to turn that into measurable results for EnKing International.