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Kishore Gaikwad - General Manger - Sales - Climate Change

A result-oriented professional having more than 19 Years of experience, including 14.0 years in Renewable energy (Solar & Wind). Wise, clever, brilliant, creative and well education, Mr. Kishore Kumar Gaikwad is one of the most committed professionals to work with. He has always showed high level of leadership qualities with aptitude for both self-motivation and motivating others. His technical skills with sharp business acumen are valuable contributors to any project, making him truly a remarkable asset to the organisation. Kishore Kumar leads by example and many people at EnKing International find his enthusiasm and dedication both, inspiring and motivating. He is known for his commendable team management and leadership skills, always having a positive attitude and outlook towards every situation. Result driven, experienced and efficient team player. He possess an extensive knowledge of both the present and future trends of the industry and the strength, weakness and qualities of his sales force. For him his job is always the most important thing to do. Excellent communication & relationship management skills with demonstrated abilities in leading the teams and perform as an active team member. He has diversified exposure in Renewable energy in various scope including IRR, Business Development, Techno commercial planning, CRM, Planning & coordination, Operations, CDM & Credit Control. At Enking International he is responsible for the Business Development and sales activity for the existing projects registered with CDM (driven by UNFCCC), VERRA and GS registry. He has worked upon IPP’s new/existing projects for their carbon credit benefit in CDM, VCS, PoA and I-REC mechanism and as per the eligibility criterion. Identifed prospective clients for requisite capacity and converted lead into deals. .

Proficient in 5 languages

Gold Medalist in MBA

Represented EKI at SIDBI-ET India MSE Award - 2019

What I believe in 

"    Hands raised for humanity and nature, never remains empty!                "


What others say

  "Best manager! Taught us how to remain calm even under extremities of sales."                                                    - Rohit Vakkalagadda (Asst. Manager - Sales - Climate Change)