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    HARD WORD, and EXPERTS    

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Parul Gome - Asst. Manager - Sales - Climate Change

Ms. Parul Gome is a highly ambitious and independent Assistant Manager. Her creativity and presentation skills truly adds to the organisation success. She is a problem solver and always makes efforts to find constructive solutions to the problems. She is an organized and customer-service oriented perfectionist, has no problem to work hard when necessary. Give her a really challenging task, one which everyone else is struggling with and she will get it done. She possess a team player attitude, having aptitude for both self-motivation and motivating others thus is a highly reliable and forward thinking individual in her position. Her goal and growth oriented mind-set cannot be overestimated. She is an accountable and trust worthy person who believes in getting things done.

Can drive for 1000 km at stretch...

Loves science fictions

Huge fan of Cricket!