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Priyanka Dabkara - Director (Non Executive)

When you start your entrepreneurial journey, it can be difficult to tell whether your idea -- and more specifically, the way you execute it -- is going to be successful or not and it requires huge amount of confidence in you own skills and abilities backed by good intention for your idea to work. Manish Dabkara, Founder of Enking International is one such first generation entrepreneur who was proficient at his work, experienced, qualified and a humble person with honest intention when he laid the foundation.

The concept behind his business was exciting from the beginning of his entrepreneurial journey and was backed by his ardent determination to make planet Earth a Green Global Society which is the pillar on which the company stands till date and doing wonderfully under his able leadership. Manish is primarily responsible for developing business in India and overseas and he is the principle consultant, as being an Master of Technology in Energy Management, Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical & Electronics Engineering & BEE, Govt of India- Certified Energy Auditor & Manager, he has an extensive experience in the field of Energy & Climate change programs. He has been instrumental in the development of more than 1000 projects and is widely considered as an authority on the subject of Energy, Carbon & Quality Management. He has to his credit certifications in quality and management from IIM Ahmadabad, IIM Indore, CII ,GIZ & BEE.

As a successful entrepreneur, he understands that the world of business is fluid -- and no matter how big or small the business is, will have to change along with the times. The same approach he has adopted while managing EKI Energy Services Limited and today the company enjoys an international recognition. He is an avid believer of the fact that being thankful for what you have not only surrounds you and your company with positivity, but it will also keep things in perspective when you’re experiencing doubts about your abilities.