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Sachhin Patra - Senior Manager - Sales

Mr. Sachhin Patra is a rare breed of technical knowledge with sharp business acumen. We have had the pleasure of knowing him since a year. He always sees the bigger picture and understands the most complex matters which are even outside his scope of work and expertise. Sachhin possess an extensive knowledge of both the present and future trends of the industry and the strength, weakness and qualities of his sales force. For him his job is always the most important thing to do. Goal oriented, open mindedness and ability to look ahead and plan for future actions are few of his greatest strengths. We find him to be the most suitable person to handle any project that requires the very best in Sales - Climate Change execution. Whenever his team came across any problem, there has never been a time he has left then without a solution which portrays his problem solving skills. He has an aptitude for self-motivation and motivating other by clearly communicating his ideas to his team and keep them focused on working towards achieving them. Sachhin Kumar is a graduate from IIM Lukhnow in Sustainable Management. An environment friendly person at heart with the right skill sets and knowledge to lead and steer the organisation towards a carbon neutral pathway. He has deep understanding of Carbon Markets, Emission Trading System, CORSIA, CSR, SBTi, TCFD, GHG Footprint and other standards that industry needs to follow and implement their pathways towards a sustainable and carbon neutral future. His past experience includes SAP, SD Consulting and Infosys Limited and multiple stints as intern in Media and Affordable Housing Sector has honed his both interpersonal and technical skills. With all the experience and knowledge he had developed critical business thinking skills and presented creative solutions to complex problems. He is a take in charge person who is always open and adaptable to new ideas.