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Sadanand Tewari - Manager - Sales
Sadanand Tewari - Manager - Sales

Mr. Sadanand is a highly adaptive and flexible professional. His enthusiasm and zeal towards his work is totally infectious and has always inspired and motivated his colleagues to work harder. He showcases strong communication skill which fosters a dynamic exchange of feedback, suggestion and ideas within the team. Highly flexible, dynamic and proactive in his approach he has shined in EnKing International as a brilliant Assistant Manager. Besides being a joy to work with, Sadanand Tewari is a take-charge person who is able to present creative solutions to complex problems and communicate the benefits to the company. He has a deep understanding of the present and the future trends of the industry. He showcases a commendable work ethic. His exceptional work flow, skills like understanding and adaptability to change, creativity, flexibility has made every project he was part of a success.

Can drive for 1000 km at stretch...

Loves science fictions

Huge fan of Cricket!