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Sanjana Shrivastava - Executive - Sales - Climate Change

Ms. Sanjana Shrivastava believes in - “The great thing about climate innovation is that it brings people with different backgrounds together, with their own perspectives in trying to solve complex issues. It's these fresh perspectives that most often offer a relatively straight forward response to a problem.” Sanjana showcases strong communication skill which fosters a dynamic exchange of feedback, suggestion and ideas within the team. Highly flexible, dynamic and proactive in her approach she has shined in EnKing International as a brilliant executive. She assumed leadership role in the organisation with an ability to make quick and effective decisions, she has inspired and motivated her colleagues to go an extra mile and put in 100%. Besides being a joy to work with, Ms.Sanjana Shrivastava is a take-charge person who is able to present creative solutions to complex problems and communicate the benefits to the company. Her curiosity and creative problem solving approach makes her a valuable asset to the organisation. Sanjana has successfully completed her university degree with comparable education and has professional experience with a focus on climate change in HR and Admin. She has the willingness to work in an interdisciplinary team with clear responsibilities and flat hierarchies. Good management skills are her advantages. The division head to whom she report talk for hours about modern concepts of managing, and it sounds like chapter and verse from a dissertation about how to be a modern executive. But almost as soon as she gets back to his operating responsibilities. She seems like a different women in her area of responsibility.