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Shashank Dubey - Manager - Sales - Climate Change

Mr. Shashank Dubey is a highly motivated and intelligent manager who has extensive knowledge and experience in the domain. He is a forward thinker, always planning for future actions in advance. Shashank has a valuable contribution in all the project he takes on with his technical skills and sharp business acumen. Shashank Dubey’s enthusiasm and zeal towards his work is totally infectious and has always inspired and motivated his colleagues to work harder. He is a highly passionate learner and always looking forward to learn and develop in dynamic organisational environment. Hard working, cooperative, customer-centric and flexible are his greatest strengths. He always has a problem solving outlook, no matter how complex the problem is, he always comes up with creative and cost-effective solutions. Throughout his journey with Enking international he has shown positive attitude and desire for both self and organisational development.