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    HARD WORD, and EXPERTS    

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Shreya Shrivastava - Asst. Manager - Sales - Tender

Ms. Shreya is one of the most committed and hard-working professional at EnKing International. She has always showcased spirit of cooperation and is fair and firm in dealing with customers and colleagues. Ability to clearly communicate ideas, motivate others and adaptable to change are few of her biggest strengths making her a remarkable asset to the organisation. She always has a desire for continuous self-improvement, strives to improve her knowledge and individual skills by strengthening areas of weakness. Her enthusiasm and zeal towards her work is totally infectious and has always inspired and motivated her colleagues to work harder. She is a highly passionate learner and is always looking forward to learn and develop in ever changing and dynamic organisational environment. She is an accountable and trust worthy Assistant Manager and a person who believes in getting things done.