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Sonali Sheikh - Executive Director - Sales - Tender

Ms Sonali is a visionary, always looking to plan for future with concrete and quantifiable goals. She is highly adaptive, understands the need for continuous change and is open to trying new approaches to solve problems and improve processes. Her open mindedness to understand her teams, motivation, hopes, abilities and problems, makes her a true leader. She leads by example and many people at EnKing International find her dedication and commitment both, inspiring and motivating. Her networking skills has led her foster meaningful relationships with key decision makers in target organisations. She is also known for her commendable team management skills, always working together with the team and having a positive outlook towards every situation. She has always exhibited high level of interpersonal skills like openness to feedback, conflict resolution and effective networking to build long term relationships with both customers and employees. Her outstanding strategic planning, to anticipate future markets and trends and has always kept the organisation ahead of its competitors and gain first mover advantage. Ms Sonali has high integrity and believes in doing the right always. She is one the most valuable asset of the organisation. A highly passionate learner she was a gold medallist in her MBA (Finance & Marketing) from Amity Business School, Indore. Her past experience at IIM, Indore and Sanghi Motors, Indore has honed her both technical and interpersonal skills. She is the Executive Director – Sales & Tender at EnKing International and with all the expertise and experience, is taking the organisation to new heights

What I believe in 

"  Life is always too simple, its our reaction which makes it complicated!       "


What others say

  "           An epitome of dynamicity.                                            "

                                                                          - Khushboo Khatri (Manager - Sales - Tender)