• Contributing sustainable development as a pathway to the future we want for all.
Supratik Dutta-Deputy General Manager-Operation Climate Change

Mr. Supratik is a detail oriented, ambitious, creative co-worker. He shows a decisive attitude, an unfaltering ability to think clearly and capacity to compartmentalise. When you really get connected to him, you’ll discover an amazing person with unique skills. He is strategic minded and is always keen to find solutions to take the organisation to new heights. Throughout his journey with Enking international he has shown positive attitude and desire for both self and organisational development. He possess a team player attitude, having aptitude for both self-motivation and motivating others thus is a highly reliable and forward thinking individual in his position. His goal and growth oriented mind-set cannot be overestimated. He is a trustworthy person. With a natural inclination to look ahead, he is always planning to meet future goals and thus definitely shines in a fast-paced environment. With key traits like optimism, consistency and integrity he is definitely a stand out. He is highly passionate towards environment and climate change and has strong desire of contributing his best to the domain.