Post Covid19 Scenario Of Clean Energy Of India 

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The COVID19 Pandemic has obstructed growth worldwide. Almost each & every sector has taken a hit & the power sector especially the clean energy sector is no exception. The post Pandemic recovery phase can play a crucial & defining role in the transition to clean energy objectives for Ind...

Life After Lockdown Do's and Don'ts Of Post Lockdown Scenario

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The entire nation is struggling to escape from the wrath of this deadly Novel Coronavirus. And, as a precautionary measure, India declared the world’s largest lockdown ever. It has been observed that there hasn’t been a lockdown of this magnitude ever. 

But what will happen after the lockdown ge...

Types Of GHG Projects EnKing International Deal In

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One of the most worrisome issues & the one that needs immediate check & attention is the increasing emission of Green House Gases (GHG). The increased heating caused by GHG emissions has many large scale implications including rising sea levels, an increase in ocean temperatures, alteration ...

Our Journey Of Becoming The Worls's Largest Carbon Credit Developer & Supplier

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EnKing International is the world’s largest carbon credit developer and supplier and the first Public Limited Company to deal with carbon trading. Efficiency in understanding and providing solutions is why we are called to be bridging the gap between good and exceptional. It is evident that nothing ...

Social Distancing At Workplace 5 Way To Make It More Effective

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With the outbreak of COVID19 (Coronavirus) pandemic the one practise that has become of utmost importance is that of social distancing. While right now a vaccine to cure it is under development stage and no one is certain about the time it would take the alternative choice or vaccine as one could sa...