Implementing an ISO 9001 Quality Management System

05.10.20 09:57 AM By Anjali - Comment(s)

Quality is everywhere searched for! 

Quality is a non-compromisable asset that one cannot afford to miss, be it a marketer, a customer or a big business! 
Every organization has a different way to operate but is your way of working and proceeding guarantees to consistently produce good quali...

Attention! How A Degree Rise In World Temperatures Is Catastrophic?

05.10.20 08:47 AM By Infobyd - Comment(s)

A degree rise of temperature may not sound like much but it is a cause of great worry when it is talked about in terms of world temperature. This one degree may mean the difference between a world with coral reefs and Arctic summer sea ice and a world without them. The impact of this warming will no...

7 Things to do to reduce the level of carbon footprints

05.10.20 08:37 AM By Infobyd - Comment(s)

Carbon footprint refers to the number of greenhouse gases emitted in the environment by an individual. The term is often related to global warming as the gas emitted contributes to Global warming. People calculate the carbon footprints to keep a check on how they can reduce them. There can be indire...

CDM Board adopts full package of simplified procedures to increase efficiency

05.10.20 08:20 AM By Anjali - Comment(s)

Bonn, Germany, 23 February 2017 – The Executive Board of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) has adopted today an exhaustive package of standards and procedures which will considerably improve the use of the mechanism in the future.

This is the end of a complex process which lasted about two years,...

7 Benefits of ISO Standard Implementation

05.10.20 08:13 AM By Infobyd - Comment(s)
What's the best way of running your business effectively? The simple answer is ISO standards and certifications. International Standards ensure consumers to make trust in the products, their quality, and reliability. It is more like a trust builder that further boost your organization's overall imag...
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