7 Things to do to reduce the level of carbon footprints

05.10.20 08:37 AM By Infobyd - Comment(s)

Carbon footprint refers to the number of greenhouse gases emitted in the environment by an individual. The term is often related to global warming as the gas emitted contributes to Global warming. People calculate the carbon footprints to keep a check on how they can reduce them. There can be indire...

All You Need To Know About Urban Heat Island (UHI) Phenomena

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An urban heat islands phenomena is an urban or a metropolitan area that is markedly hotter than its surrounding rural areas due to human activities. This happens because all the solar radiations received by the urban areas gets trapped within the surrounding & ...

5 Things You Should Know About Carbon Offsets  

03.10.20 10:33 AM By Anjali - Comment(s)

Crossing the 400 ppm mark, while only 350 ppm carbon dioxide is tolerable, is a reminder for the whole world that carbon dioxide level has been shooting up at an alarming rate in the recent years due to human activities.

For life to sustain on planet earth the right balance of carbon dioxide must be ...