6 Eco-Friendly Business Travel Tips You Must Follow Next Time  

03.10.20 09:27 AM By Anjali - Comment(s)

"Be the change that you want to see in the world." -Mahatma Gandhi


Every year the world receives 1 billion tourists. According to the current estimates, this will increase by 60 percent. The travel industry has indisputably become monolithic. On the plus side, it is providing employme...

5 Simple Tips for Living with Less Plastic

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Plastic, as we all know, is a non-biodegradable material which never decomposes. Nowadays, considering its lifespan, it gets used more often than ever and believe it or not it is increasing. But, if we wish to truncate its use, we can always take a few steps to turn it down. Here are some tips to he...

8 Shocking Facts About Plastic Pollution In Our Oceans

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It is crystal that coastal changes are rapidly reaching the point where they must get the care that is called for. Talking about the water resources of the earth, plastic has done a major damage to them in particular like creating dead zones, choking marine life to death, hindering the birth rate of...