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Business Challange

Projects which reduces GHG (Green House Gases – Carbon dioxide, Methane, etc.) are eligible to earn carbon credit benefits which is a commodity & it’s tradable. Such kind of projects includes Renewable Energy Project, Energy Efficiency Project, Waste to Energy Projects, etc. 

To generate Carbon Credit commodity from project, it must be first validated and registered then verified and issued from GHG Mitigation programs like Clean Development Mechanism, Gold Standard, Voluntary Carbon Standard. etc. 

To find reliable advisory service provider having following features is a business challenge for project owners: 

  • Company should be a Limited Organization, it create high credibility.
  • Company should have good & stable team.
  • Company must have 100% project registration & issuance success rate.
  • Company should have links with International Carbon Credit buyers so that carbon credits can be traded with good rate.
  • Company should have international presence at Europe.

Our Solution Services

Project Owners trust us for advisory services related to Project Development, Project Validation & Registration and Registered Project Verification & Issuance. We are a public limited organization having National & International Presence with strong team having 100% quality delivery track record. 

      •  Identification and valuation of potential carbon credits from the project.
      • Formation of Project Design Document (PDD) and other relevant documentation as per guidelines of regulatory body.
      • Facilitation for issuance of Host Country Approval Letter from Designated National Authority .
      • Conduction of Local Stakeholder meeting at project site.
      • Assistance for selection of third party inspection company (DOE).
      • Methodology development on a variety of sectoral scopes.
      • Submission of PDD for Global Stakeholder Comments.
      • Conduction of Local Stakeholder meeting at project site & interview by DOE.
      • Closure of Non Conformities , if raised by DOE.
      • Issuance of Validation Report.
      • Registration with Regulatory body like CDM EB , GS Board , VCS Board, etc.
      • Preparation of Monitoring Report .
      • Conduction of site visit by DOE at project site.
      • Closure of Non Conformities , if raised by DOE.
      • Issuance of Verification Report .
      • Issuance with Regulatory body like CDM EB, GS Board, VCS Board, etc.
      • Forward Contracts.
      • Over the Counter.
      • Spots.
      • Auctions.
      • Structured Carbon financing


  • Gold Standard (CDM Labelling & VCS Projects).
  • Voluntary Carbon Standards.
  • Clean Development Mechanism.
  • Programme Of Activities.
  • IS0 14064 – Carbon Foot Printing.
  • Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action (Nama) Plan.
  • Regional Emission Trading Scheme.


  • CP1 CERs 
  • CP2 CERs
  • VCUs
  • GS CER 
  • GS VER 
  • IREC